Effervens launch iWars

Effervens has launched its first software for the iPhone platform: iWars, a turn-by-turn strategy game with big and gorgeous maps.

Based on the new strategy games engine of Effervens, iWars provide a single player mode with 5 maps and the ability to load and save games.Other features in development will be integrated in the game: download of new maps, ability to create your own maps, multiplayer mode...

iWars is available for both iPhone and iPod touch on the AppStore at the price of 2,99$.

In need of a mobile software ?

caddieIndeed, we can see more and more people using a mobile internect device (iPhone, iPad, Android...).

Porting your software under these new platforms looks complicated ?

Effervens propose a solution for the porting or the development of new softwares targeted to mobile platforms and help you to succeed on this market.

Need a brand identity?

personnalityThere are too many competitors in your field?

Creating a brand can help you differenciate and stand out of your competitors.

We offer Corporate Design service that include creation of your personality, logo and etc.

Extensible architecture?

toolYou wish your current eCommerce platform had an accounting function? monthly purchase reports? supply management and many more ?
There are as many different needs as companies.
Effervens customize and add as many extras functions as you like in a premium opensource eCommerce platform : Apache OfBiz.

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